13 or 30?

13 or 30?

Ever asked one of your young learner how old his/her brother is, and they've replied with 'He's 30'? Granted he could actually be 30 years old, he probably meant to say 13! This game allows learners to practise saying and listening for these similar sounds, by using a ball throw at the correct number.


Number of learners:  2+

Time:  5 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12, aged 12-15

Type: Active game, whiteboard game, skills game

Materials:Whiteboard, board pens, sticky ball.

Language: similar sounds of 13-19 and 30-90.

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Listening skills
  • Works well with competitive learners, but doesn't have to be competitive.
  • Quick game
  • Useful for low level adult learners

How to play

  • Preparation-Write the number ‘13 and the number ‘30’ on the board and elicit each number, carefully drill and demonstrate the difference in pronunciation.
  • Write 3-4 more sets of numbers on the board, for example ‘16’ and ‘60’, drill each. Practice by pointing at a number and asking a student to correctly pronounce the number.
  • Demo the game by saying the word ‘13’ and throwing the sticky ball at the number 13. Write a tally on the board and say ‘one point!’
  • Ask the learners to stand and give them each a sticky ball and tell them to stand in front of the board. Say numbers out loud, and play the game. Award points for correct answers, elicit answers from students.
  • After a few rounds, take one learner’s ball away and ask them to speak. If all learners throw the ball at the correct word, the speaker gains a point too. The learner with the most points wins!

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