Chain Story

Chain story

Unleash your young learners' imagination! Learners write language on a piece of paper, fold it over and pass it on! The paper gets passed around the table, learners check it and then read the story back to the class!


Number of learners:  3+

Time:  5-10 minutes

Student type: aged 12-15, aged 15-18, adults

Type: skills game

Materials: paper, pens, whiteboard

Language: Future and past structures. (I went shopping, then.., I’m going to a party…then)

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Students can express their imagination
  • Can be used to practice many past and future structures
  • Practice writing
  • Students check their peers’ grammar

How to play

  • Preparation-Having already practised the language point within the lesson, give students one minute to tell you as many verbs as they can, write the verbs on the board.
  • Demonstrate the game by writing a sentence on the top of his piece of paper, for example ‘I went to the park’.
  • Show learners the piece of paper and asks them each to read the sentence, after this the teacher folds the top of the paper over the sentence, concealing the sentence.
  • Point at the teacher’s example and tell students to write their own example, and mime that they need to conceal their sentence.
  • While students are thinking of a sentence write your example sentence on the board separated by a line, followed underneath by the word ‘then’. Direct students’ attention to the board and ‘next person’ gesturing towards ‘then’.
  • Ask students to pass the paper to the next learner and write another sentence.
  • Repeat until each learners’ original paper returns back to them, ask them to check the sentences for mistakes, and finally to read their story to the class.




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