Connect the words

Connect the words

There's something about the squeak of a marker on the whiteboard that infuses young learners with glee. In this game, the teacher writes the words required for the structure on the board, each spaced away from each other. Learners have to make the sentence by connecting the words using a board pen.

Connect the words

Number of learners: 1+

Time: 5-10 mins

Student type: aged 9-12, aged 12-15, aged 15-18, adults

Type: Whiteboard game

Materials: Whiteboard, board pens.

Language: Structures, (I’m going to eat a hamburger, I like singing, I get up at 7:00.)

Why play this game?

  • Easy to personalise for learners
  • Practice forming structures
  • Can be adapted to use phonemes instead of words
  • Useful as a review activity
  • Can be used with a wide range of levels and ages
  • Useable with many different structures

How to play

  • Preparation - Write the words needed to make the structure on the board, spaced away from each other. Additionally, write other nouns verbs, and any component needed to practice the structure on the board.
  • Choral drill the structure you want the learners to practice.
  • Gesture at the words, and get the students to read aloud each word.
  • Audibly model the structure being practiced, for example ‘I’m going to go swimming’. Demonstrate how to play the activity by circling the words with a board pen, and drawing a line from the first word to the second, and so on.
  • Invite a learner up to the board and again model a structure, and gesture for learner to complete the sentence. Repeat, and if learners can, ask them to look at the remaining words and create a structure for their classmates to complete.

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