Cost an arm and a leg

"Cost an arm and a leg"






I don't have much money now, my new car cost me an arm and a leg!



A: Do you want to go to that new Shopping centre?

B: No, everything in there costs an arm and a leg!



A: Are you looking for anything specific, sir?

B: Just some basic white t-shirts, nothing that'll cost an arm and a leg.

What does "Cost me an arm and a leg" mean?




We use 'cost an arm and a leg’ when something is very expensive, it's a set phrase.


We often use it describe a situation where we have to pay a lot of money, for example 'My car insurance cost me an arm and a leg!'


If we are directly describing an object we use adjectives, for example an 'expensive computer'.


It doesn't really mean we have to pay with our arms and legs!



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