Don’t give up the day job

"Don't give up the day job"




A: What do you think about my singing?


B: Awful...don't give up the day job...




A: I started writing a book!


B: Oh really? Can I read what you've written?


A: Sure!


B: This story is stupid, I wouldn't give up the day job...




A: Look at this table i made!


B: Uhhh the table isn't straight, don't give up the day job...

What does "Don't give up the day job" mean?

You're a hard worker

You should work harder

A funny way of saying 'You're not very good at this'

We say 'don't give up the day job' when somebody is not very good at something, for example DIY, cooking, painting etc.


It's a lighthearted joke we say to people who are not talented at something.


It doesn't actually mean the person will leave his/her job!







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