Don’t say

Don't say

Elephant ... tiger ... cat ... OUT! Try to guess vocabulary words which the other learner isn't thinking of, say the wrong word and you're out!


Number of learners:  2+

Time:  10 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12

Type: skills game

Materials: dice, whiteboard, board pens

Language: basic vocabulary groups (Animals: cat, monkey, fish. Food: hotdog, pizza, cake)

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Students bring own vocabulary into lesson without using the teacher
  • Easy for learners to understand
  • Able to use many different vocabulary groups

How to play

  • Preparation-ball drill six vocabulary groups (for example, animals) each learner says one vocabulary word and throws the ball to the next learner. Repeat for 6 different vocabulary groups.
  • Sit the learners down and write the first word on the board, elicit the word from the learners and write the number 1, do this 6 more times until all the vocabulary groups are numbered on the board.
  • Point to a word, checking learners know what the word is. Roll a dice, ask learners to tell you the word. Do this a few times.
  • Roll the dice, and Using gestures with two fingers point to your head and say a word, showing you are thinking of this word. Demo the game, by going around the table and giving students example good answers with positive gestures and emphasising that saying the same word you were thinking of is bad with a cross gesture. For example, 'Kota..Apple' OK!, 'Sena...Orange' OK!, 'Hana... Banana' ooooh Out!.
  • Learners throw the dice, read the associated boarded word and think of a vocabulary word. Other learners say vocabulary words and try not to say the word. When a learner says the wrong word, the next learner gets to throw the dice and the game repeats.

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