Guess the word

Guess the word

Guess the word, but don't look! Learners sit with chairs facing opposite to the wall and try to guess the word behind them. Cellotape a word on the wall behind the learner and ask questions to try and guess!


Number of learners:  2+

Time:  5-10 minutes

Student type: aged 9-12, aged 12-15, aged 15-18, adults

Type: skills game

Materials: paper, pens, cellotape, chairs

Language: Open and closed question forms. (Is it big? Where does it live?)

Why play this game?

  • Easy to personalise for learners
  • Practice speaking skills
  • Students are encouraged to use a range of structures
  • Encourages deduction in the classroom

How to play

  • Preparation-Select a vocabulary group that the learners are familiar with and elicit associated nouns.
  • Model the game by writing a simple word from the pre-selected vocabulary group on a piece of paper, for example ‘cat’ from the animal vocabulary group.
  • Using cello tape, tape the piece of paper to a wall behind you and ask the students some easy deductive questions, for example ‘Is it big?’ ‘What does it eat?’. Deduct that it is a cat to show the students they will have to ask similar questions.
  • Specify a vocabulary group, mime writing a word on a piece of paper and face it away from the students, miming that it is secret and students shouldn’t show other students.
  • Face a chair for each student facing away from the wall, and ask them to sit on them. While students are thinking of a noun, prepare some cello tape to give to them.
  • Once students have written down a word, instruct students, one at a time to stick the word behind different students, without the student facing away from the word seeing it.
  • Say ‘question, please’ and gesture at a different student. Students ask questions and try to guess the noun behind them.



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