How to Check information

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How to Check Information

What do you do if you forget something? Check it! Have you ever forgotten someone's name? Where they live? In this video we show you how to remember again.

Your name is Brad, isn't it? You eat kimchi don't you?

We use 'question tags' every day in English. In this video Will is going to teach you how you ask them



Did you understand the lesson? Take the quiz to find out.

1. Choose the correct question tag; "Your name’s Jim..."
2. Choose the correct question tag; "You can’t swim..."
3. Choose the correct question tag; "He doesn’t live in London..."
4. Choose the correct quesiton tag; "He made dinner last night..."
5. Write the question tag; "They haven’t been to the vet..."
6. Write the question tag; "We aren’t going to Las Vegas..."
7. Write the question tag; "You couldn’t start a bank account..."
8. Write the question tag; "Kim doesn’t like spicy food..."




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