Item hunt

Item hunt

Have your learners hunting all over the classroom with this fun preposition game. Learners take turns hiding an item within the classroom, while their classmates wait with their eyes closed, and try to find it. First student to find it wins!


Number of learners:  2+

Time:  5-10 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12

Type: Active game

Materials:miscellaneous objects, pens, books, places to hide other items

Language: Prepositions, where’s the ____? (Where’s the pen? It’s under the table, it’s in the book)

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Learners actively use language
  • Flexible can be practised with many prepositions
  • Good for kinaesthetic learners

How to play

  • Preparation-Using a book and a pen, drill the prepositions ‘on, under, by, and in’. Place the pen on the book and elicit ‘on the’ and drill it several times. Do the same with actions related to ‘under, in and by’.
  • Point to objects in the classroom at elicit what they are, for example a chair, book or table etc.
  • Place the pen onto one of these classroom objects and drill ‘on the book’. Practice and repeat by this by drilling the other prepositions on a range of different objects, for example ‘under the chair’.
  • Confirm students understand by asking them the question ‘where’s the pen?’ and eliciting an answer. Drill the question form and make the learners ask each other.
  • Ask students to close their eyes, mime this action by covering your eyes with your hands. Place the pen in a location where the learners cannot see, for example under a table.
  • Tell learners to open their eyes and ask them, the question ‘where’s the pen?’ Raise your hands and say ‘stand up’. Pretend to search for the pen, and ask the question again. Gesture for the students to help you search.
  • Once a student finds the pen, elicit the answer ‘under the table’ and praise the student.
  • Tell all the learners except one to close their eyes and ask the remaining learner to hide the pen. Prompt the learner to ask the question ‘where’s the pen’ and ask the other learners to open their eyes and search for it.
  • As learners find the pen elicit the answer and restart the game with another learner.
  • This game can be simplified for younger learners by just asking them to say the preposition once they find it, for example ‘under’. To make the game more challenging use multiple items and the question ‘where are the pens?’, or alternatively use additional prepositions, such as ‘behind’.

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