I’ve never been to Paris

I've never been to Paris

Often drinking games are great for practising English, just as long as you remove the alcohol. To play the ‘I’ve never / never have I ever’ game learners have to make sentences about things they haven’t done, however if the other learners have done them, they lose a life!


Number of learners:  2+

Time:  5-10 minutes

Student type: aged 15-18, adults

Type: Skills game

Materials:Whiteboard or paper, board pens, sticky ball.

Language: Never + present perfect. ‘I’ve never played golf, I’ve never eaten sushi’Never + present perfect. ‘I’ve never played golf, I’ve never eaten sushi’

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Freer practice
  • Learners have lots of freedom
  • Easy to set up

How to play

  • Preparation-Ask a learner a question you know they haven’t done, for example ‘Have you ever been to Antarctica’. Elicit the ‘No I haven’t response’.
  • Write ‘I haven’t been to Antarctica’ on the board, and under the response write a gap fill of the sentence ‘I have never been to Antarctica’, with only the words ‘never’ and ‘Antarctica’ visible.
  • Ask students how we can rewrite the response using the gap fill, elicit the answer ‘I have never been to Antarctica’. Elicit some verbs as ideas and write them on the board.
  • Demo the game by giving each students four miscellaneous items, these are the learner’s lives. Say the boarded example, ‘I have never been to Antarctica’. Highlight that nobody loses a life because nobody has done it.
  • Say another ‘I have never’ example that you know a learner has done, and remove a life. Concept check the answer quickly.
  • Tell learners they can only say ‘I have never’ sentences for things that are true for them. For example, as teachers we can’t say ‘I have never taught English’ because we have done that!
  • Have a practice round, and then play the game!


Download the plan


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