Not your day

"Not your day"





A: My train was delayed, my phone battery is dead and now I'm late.


B: Not your day is it?




Today is really not my day, my car broke down and now it's starting to rain.




A: I'm afraid it's not Lisa's day today. She got dumped by her boyfriend and now she has a cold too.


B: Poor Lisa...

What does "Not your day mean" mean?

Today is not your Birthday

Today is going well

Today is very bad/unlucky

We say 'not your day' to somebody who is having a bad day or lots of bad luck.


We often use it when many unlucky or bad things happen in a single day.


We can also use it with 'her, my, his or a name'for example 'not her day, not my day, not his day, not Helen's day'


It isn't actually about days!

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