The classic Memory game 'Simon' is the perfect way to commit a group of vocabulary words to memory. It requires zero preparation yet will keep your learners interested whilst you can monitor pronunciation. Be warned, it's harder than it looks!


Number of learners:  Any

Time:  5 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12, aged 12-15, aged 16+

Type: memory game

Materials: flashcards for lexical set (if recquired)

Language: Any lexical set vocabulary group (works well with body parts etc


Why play this game?

  • Provides ample chance for repetition while keeping a fun competitive element
  • Effective way of committing new words to memory quickly

How to play

  • Preparation- If you decide to use them gather the flashcards of the lexical set you require
  • Model and teach the vocabulary you wish to teach. You can make the game harder or easier by increasing or decreasing the number of words. As an example teach parts of the face by means of touch and say (nose, eyes mouth, ears, hair etc)
  • Start the game by pointing and touching one item. Wait for the class to repeat and then point and touch the same word followed by a new word. Wait for the learner response
  • Repeat the process again, but with the 3rd word repeat one previously mentioned to demonstrate repetition is allowed
  • Motion for the first student to repeat the sequence before asking them to add to the growing list.
  • Students keep repeating the list until one learner can’t remember the sequence



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