Split hairs

"Split hairs"




A: How much was your new coat?

B: £12.50.

C: No it wasn’t, it was £12.53.

B: Don’t split hairs!



A: How far away is Clifton school?

B: 1km

C: Actually It’s 1.2km!

B:Don’t split hairs, it’s about 1km!



A: What time the movie start?

B: 12:00.

C: Actually, it starts at 12:05.

B: Stop splitting hairs, 12:00 is nearly the same as 12:05!



What does "Split hairs" mean?

Get a haircut

Argue about small details

Cut something in half

When we say 'Split hairs' we talk about people who argue about information which is not important and small details.


Some people split hairs about time, prices and distance.


It doesn't actually mean our hair is being split in half!







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