Stepping stones

Stepping stones

Young learners can often make mistakes when answering closed questions "Is it a banana? YES IS ISN'T!" With this game you can drill out some of the common mistakes whilst jumping around an imaginary volcano. There's plenty of scope to expand dependant on the level of your learners

Stepping stones

Number of learners:  1-8

Time:  10 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12

Type: active game, drill game

Materials: Sheets of A4 paper

Language: Closed question answers
Yes he is, no they aren’t, yes I don’t

Why play this game?

  • Keeps your young learners active during what could otherwise be a monotonous drilling exercise
  • Can be used to point out mistakes made giving answers to closed answer questions (e.g. No she is, Yes he isn’t)
  • Encourages student to student interaction

How to play

  • Preparation- Write all the words you will be drilling on sheets of A4 paper. These will be the stepping stones
  • Elicit all of the words you want to drill and have written on the sheets of A4 paper. As the young learners call out each word place it on the floor, spaced out enough so they are within jumping distance.
  • Ask the students a closed question with the structure you wish to drill (e.g. are they boys?) Encourage the students to shout the answer one more time and then demonstrate jumping across the stepping stones calling out each word in the answer as you land on it.
  • Ask the first student another question from across the ‘pond’ and direct them to jump across to join you, highlighting the words as they jump.
  • The first student can then ask another question to the second young learner until everyone has crossed.
  • Expand this activity by making the jumps harder to make (although watch out that no one goes sliding away.) You can also introduce a team element by duplicating the set of words and having a race to make it across

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