STUDENTS: 3 movies to watch when studying English

3 movies to watch when studying English!

What’s a good way to improve your English? Watch English movies of course! BUT… What movies should you watch? Well we would like to recommend some films that we enjoy here at Antelope Collision. These movies are also easier to understand

You can sometimes find these movies on Youtube, Netflix or in a dvd shop.

Duel- A businessman is travelling on a long and isolated road when he meets a crazy truck driver trying to kill him! There isn’t too much talking and it’s an absolute classic! It was directed by Stephen Speilberg and released in 1971.
Vocabulary you need - Radiator hose



Watership down- Do you like rabbits? Well, this animation has plenty of rabbits but it’s a very sad and sometimes violent movie. The good rabbits called Hazel, Bigwig and Fiver have to find a new home but the British countryside is a very dangerous place for a rabbit!
Vocabulary you need - doe- a female rabbit

Bend it like Beckham – Jess is a girl who loves football but her strict family just want her to find a husband! There’s lots of football vocabulary in this romantic comedy and you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’re a soccer fan. The very famous (and beautiful!) actress Keira Knightly also stars in it


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