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Get your students reading using this ‘Dance, Dance, Revolution’ inspired game. Choose one vowel alphamat and four consonant alphamats, then arrange them into a ‘+’ shape. Once the teacher says a word, the learners have to touch the mats to make the word. Alternatively, flashcards can be used instead of alphamats.


Number of learners:  1+

Time:  5 minutes

Student type: Kindergarten, age 6-9

Type: Skills game, active game

Materials: Alphamats, or alternatively flashcards with letters printed on them

Language: Simple three letter words, cat, tac, tab, dab, bat



Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • Improves spelling
  • Quick game
  • Good game to practice phonics

How to play

  • Preparation- Choose four consonants and one vowel, from a selection of alphamats or flashcards with letter written on them.
  • Chorally drill the phonic sound of each letter, individually drill each learner until confident that the learners know the sounds.
  • Hold up a consonant and a vowel, and elicit the sounds. Place the two next to each other and try to elicit the blended sounds ‘for example ‘ba’. Do this a few more times with different combinations.
  • With the vowel flashcard or alphamat in the centre, place the consonants around it in a ‘+’ shape.
  • Demo the game by saying a word, for example ‘Cat’ and touching the ‘c’, ‘a’, and, ‘t’ alphamats or flashcards, and then saying the word ‘cat’ aloud. Demo this once more, and then ask learners to try. These combinations don’t have to be real words.
  • After a few rounds, try to get a learner to say a word to another learner.
  • This game can be made more difficult by adding more letters to make 3x3 square or even bigger! It can also be used to practice the ‘magic e’, for example ‘rag' to 'rage', and 'pet' to 'pete’

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