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Young learners love dodgeball, so why not use it in the classroom? Learners throw the ball and every time they score a hit they ask a question to the other team.


Number of learners:  4+

Time:  5 minutes

Student type: aged 6-9, aged 9-12

Type: active game

Materials: Soft ball

Language: open and closed questions. (Do you like dogs? What's your favourite colour?)

Why play this game?

  • Fun
  • High student talk time
  • Easy to set up
  • High energy game to prepare students for English

How to play

  • Preparation- Choral drill the structure you want the learners to practice, and the individual drill each student.
  • Split the class in half, with students on either side. Tell them ‘no heads’ and mime by making a cross symbol with your arms.
  • Demonstrate that learners have to ask a question, by lightly throwing the ball at a learner and asking a question using the drilled structure.
  • Start the game. When a student scores a point by throwing the ball at an opposing learner, say ‘stop, question please’ and gesture toward the team whose learner was hit.
  • Every time a learner is struck with the ball, restart the game. Teacher monitors, while checking the game is being played safely.

Download the plan