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Talking football

Talking football Whatever you call it football, soccer. Everybody knows it’s the world’s favourite sport! Fans never agree on anything, and one of the most important things about being a football fan is talking about football! In this lesson learners will be able to use ‘really, too and not enough’ to talk about football players, Read More …


Who, me?

Who, me? Is this the stupidest robbery attempt ever? This lesson looks at would be shoplifter’s attempt at stealing a 7 ft blind, to no avail. As well as providing a good laugh for your students, there are some nice examples of the passive tense being used in the Daily Telegraph news article within the Read More …


The Hurricane

The Hurricane Bob Dylan is a noble literature award winning master storyteller, so who better to look to when practising English skills? The song ‘Hurricane’ details the story of a famous boxer wrongfully convicted. It’s gripping and thanks to Dylan’s clear deliverance of the lyrics, bound to galvanise your students. Aim Practise listening and reading Read More …


It was absolutely brilliant!

It was absolutely brilliant! Ever had the travel bug? Travelling and exploring new places is a curiosity we all have, and we can sometimes be lost for words with how absolutely beautiful some places are. In this lesson learners can read a travel blog to practice scan reading, and learn to describe a journey using Read More …

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Fish fingers and a chip butty

Fish fingers and a chip butty 100% of people eat food, and some like it enough to develop new and interesting ways to eat it. With a basic verb knowledge, listening to recipes such as Gordon Ramsey’s fish fingers is great practise for listening skills and bound to leave your students’ mouths salivating Aim Teach Read More …


This woman’s work

This woman’s work Expressing regret is something we do every day, so it’s an important we teach this to learners of English. Feeling tired? you should have gone to bed earlier. Caught in the rain? Should have brought an umbrella! This lesson takes a famous English song by Kate Bush that lends itself to the Read More …


Robots will be taking our jobs

Robots will be taking our jobs Seems like we’re in trouble since robots will be inevitably taking our jobs! Or will they? This lesson teaches students how to make predictions about what we will be doing in the future and how the world will be different. Using the future continuous form, learners use their imagination Read More …