Tell People What to Do Politely

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Tell People What to Do Politely

WATCH THIS VIDEO! How rude... I won't do it!

Nobody likes being told what to do. In this English lesson we show you how to be polite when talking to be in everyday situations.

Would you mind passing the salt?
Could you help me with my homework?
Is it OK to check my spelling?

If you want someone to do something, you should instruct them politely because they will more likely do it.



Did you understand this lesson? Take the quiz to find out.

Here are 8 verbs

sit down

Write the correct verb in the spaces below. REMEMBER you may have to use the +ING form

1.Fill in the blank

"Could you this T-shirt for a smaller one?"
2. Would you mind , I can't see matchHint

3. Could you me a pencil, I forgot mineHint

4. Can you , we're going to miss the train!
5. Is it OK me a lift home?Hint

6. Can you me a sandwich, I'm so hungry!
7. Teacher, could you me, I don't understand this question
8. Is it OK to back next week, we're really busy today




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